Address : South 7 - West 4, SAPPORO (Susukino area)
No charge !
Telephone : (011) 521.2336
E-mail :email
Sebastien's profile (Sebastien PONS) :

French (born in Paris)
Married, 2 kids
Arrived in Japan in 1996

Dj experience :
1987 : Dj at Club Mirage, Auckland, N.Z.
Dj at Club Alfies, Auckand, N.Z.
Dj at Club Berlin, Auckland, N.Z.
Dj on BFM radio station, Auckland, N.Z.
1988 : Dj at the Bat bar, Auckland , N.Z.
Dj at Club Roma, Auckland, N.Z.
New zealand DMC Dj competition finalist
Dj at the Box, Auckland, N.Z.
1989/1990 : Dj at Club Barcelona, Auckland, N.Z.
1991 : Dj at Club King Xhmu, Sapporo, Japan
Dj at Club Soul to Soul, Sapporo, Japan
Dj at Club Circus, Sapporo, Japan
Dj at club The wall, Sapporo, Japan
Dj at Club Bally hoo, Sapporo, Japan
1992/1995 : Dj / organizer of the "Mama feel good" parties, Paris, France
Dj / organizer of the "Fonky pop corn " parties, Paris, France
1996 : Dj at Bar isn't it, Sapporo, Japan
Dj at FM AIR-G, Sapporo, Japan
Post production staff and Dj at FM North Wave, Sapporo, Japan
Dj at Club King Xhmu, Sapporo, Japan
1997/1998 : Dj at Club Precious Hall (fonky force), Sapporo, Japan
1999/2002 : Dj at Club Locotonte, Sapporo, Japan
2002~ : Owner of BOOTY Discotheque and lounge bar, Sapporo, Japan

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Various kinds of food also available !
Weekday rental space :
Lounge bar : 25.000 yen
Discotheque : 25.000 yen
All space : 50.000 yen

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